Fort Hope’s purpose is to encourage children and give them  an experience in the great outdoors, with a taste of old fashioned fun.



home-taco-farmTaco Farm

Designed to educate children about where their food comes from. Participants will gain an understanding of the value of a strong work ethic while taking part in the entire process of making one of their favorite foods! This camp is for children going into 3rd grade-6th grade.

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Fort Hope, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian organization with a 501(C)3 non-profit status. We rely on the generosity of others. Our goal is that no child should have to pay to spend an amazing day at Fort Hope!



When a little boy describes his first day at Fort Hope as “the best day of his life”, he states the mission of Fort Hope. When a little girl sits down with the doll that she made herself, the look in her eyes of fulfillment and happiness demonstrates the goals and dreams of Fort Hope.

The goal of a day at Fort Hope is to help kids to make memories which they will never forget. This is done through giving kids the chance to do things they’ve never done before, in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.

A fully functional fishing pond, beautiful oak shaded acreage, and an old western town including a gold-panning stream, petting farm and other attractions, make Fort Hope a fantastic place for kids to experience the old west in person. The Fort has been called many things—“the ranch”, a “healing place”, a “hands-on history lesson”, but it seems that words can’t quite capture it. The best concise description for Fort Hope is a “frontier mentoring museum,” with the ultimate goal of mentoring the children who visit. There is nowhere in the world quite like Fort Hope, and no day quite like one spent here.