Exciting New Developments

Many people have asked recently, How is Fort Hope Doing? Here is a list of exciting new developments: The list of supporters and visitors of Fort Hope is growing, and Fort Hope is able to do more and more all the time! Thank you to all of our faithful supporters and volunteers. As you can see, Fort…


October Fun At The Fort

October 16, 2010 Family Care Network Inc. took the trip funded by the May 2 fundraiser. October 23, 2010, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club of SLO County came with their leaders Sarah Rudd, and Heidi Miller, funded by the Hind Foundation. The Hind foundationsupports preserving cultural heritage and non-profit, volunteer run organizations. October 24, 2010, God’s Haven for Children came…


Angel Tree Ministries

September 12, 2010 Angel Tree Ministries took the trip funded by Pozo River Vigilances Committee (Also known as “the fast shooters”). Angel Tree Ministries is an organization that reaches out to children whose parents are incarcerated. The Pozo River Vigilances Committee does reenactments of shootouts for events such as the Fort Hope fundraisers Visit http://www.prvccowboy.com/

May / June Visiting Schools

May 26, June 2 and 9, 2010 the third and fourth grade classes from David J. Sanchez elementary school came with their teachers Mrs. Diaz, Mr. “Ike”- James Ikenoyama, and Mrs. Grennan. June 7, 2010 a group from Oceano Elementary School came with their teacher Cheryl Krause, funded by the Altrusa Cinco Ciudades Foundation. Both…


Conaarlo Campfire Club

In April, Fort Hope received a check from Conaarlo Campfire Club. They have adopted Fort Hope as part of their community service. They have had workdays and put on fundraisers for Fort Hope. One project they did was painting the Native American greeting men statues outside the front entrance to the Fort. We are so…


Rita’s Rainbows Inc.

Fort Hope would like to thank Rita’s Rainbows Inc. for their generous support of Fort Hope. In March, Fort Hope received a check from this wonderful organization to help with the costs of bringing groups out. Thanks to Rita’s Rainbows, we can continue to have kids out for incredible days at the Fort!