Many people have asked recently, How is Fort Hope Doing? Here is a list of exciting new developments:

  • The list of supporters and visitors of Fort Hope is growing, and Fort Hope is able to do more and more all the time! Thank you to all of our faithful supporters and volunteers.
  • As you can see, Fort Hope is on the web! Be sure to also check out our Facebook page and “Like” Fort Hope, share the Fort Hope page with friends, and discuss ideas and ask questions in an open forum style. While no computers are used during a field trip to Fort Hope, the internet is a great tool for getting the word on this wonderful organization!
  • Fort Hope also gives special thanks to Sharon Forester who donated funds to help start up Fort Hope’s Online store, which will be opening shortly!
  • Fort Hope is being reviewed this month for another grant. Last month a grant from Central Coast Funds for Children came, and will give another check at the end of this year to sponsor three groups this coming spring. For more information on Central Coast Funds for Children, please see:
  • Finally, in other exciting news, Fort Hope has recently received final approval of the building which will house the museum, including the jail cells, the trading post, the Saspirella Saloon where dances will be held, and the Ah Luis museum.