Fort Hope Bank Update

Work on the Fort Hope Branch of Mid-State Bank has moved right along.  The vault door is installed but has no gold in it just yet.  Waiting for the big “strike” at the mine.

The change of the name of the bank was to call attention to the history of Mid-State Bank, which was founded in Arroyo Grande in 1961, and to dedicate the office in memory of Daryl Flood, one of the founding officers of Mid-State Bank.

The exterior is done and the inside is now equipped with old fashioned teller counters and will be completed with antique banking office machines and roll top desks.

Brent Pruett did most of the preparation work and we had a great work days with members of the Arroyo Grande “Men In Motion” walking group including Roger St. Dennis, Jim Miller, Chuck Bowles, Bill Caldwell, Tony Wood and Ed Minor.

Carrol Pruett

Fort Hope Bank

Project Coordinator